Yet Another Robot Platform
Check your installation

Check basic YARP functionalities

The first step is to have the yarpserver running.

At a terminal type:


Depending on your system the console will look something like this:


If you type on a web browser you get information about the name server (registered ports, info, etc.).

We can just check functionality by running a simple example. On another terminal type:

yarp read /portread

on a third terminal:

yarp write /portwrite

and on yet another terminal:

yarp connect /portwrite /portread

you'll see the effect on the name server:

yarp: registration name /portwrite ip port 10012 type tcp
yarp: registration name /portread ip port 10002 type tcp

Now, anything typed on the YARP write will be sent and printed on the read side.

Play a recorded sequence

You can also use the yarpdataplayer to replay a recorded sequence. This will reproduce all the sensory information available on the real robot during a simple experiment. Follow the instructions here:

yarpdataplayer example application


You are now ready to learn more, proceed to the YARP Tutorials.