Yet Another Robot Platform
The YARP os library


Welcome to the YARP os library. This library interfaces with your operating system and provides some basic services. We give you

Thread, Semaphore, and Time

services just in case you don't have them, but our main goal is to give you easy network communication using the YARP Port Network.

What is a Port?

A Port is an object that can read and write values to peer objects spread throughout a network of computers. You can create them in your program, and then add and remove connections either from that program, from the command line, or from another program. Ports are specialized for streaming communication, such as camera images or motor commands. You can switch network protocols for any or all your connections without changing a line of code. For more details, see specification of YARP terms andprotocols".

For examples, see Some examples.

Important classes

If you are online, this list will link to API information. If you're offline, it is just a list of classes you may want to check.