Yet Another Robot Platform
Welcome to YARP

YARP stands for Yet Another Robot Platform. What is it? If data is the bloodstream of your robot, then YARP is the circulatory system.

More specifically, YARP supports building a robot control system as a collection of programs communicating in a peer-to-peer way, with an extensible family of connection types (tcp, udp, multicast, local, MPI, mjpg-over-http, XML/RPC, tcpros, ...) that can be swapped in and out to match your needs. We also support similarly flexible interfacing with hardware devices. Our strategic goal is to increase the longevity of robot software projects.

YARP is not an operating system for your robot. We figure you already have an operating system, or perhaps several. Nor does it do package management (we like the package managers we have). We're not out for world domination. It is easy to interoperate with YARP-using programs without yourself necessarily having to use YARP codebase – see the YARP without YARP tutorial. YARP is written in C++. The ACE library is used for Windows builds, and to support extra protocols. On Linux and macOS, ACE can optionally be omitted, giving a very light footprint (with the trade-off being the loss of support for some non-TCP-based protocols). YARP is free and open, under the LGPL (*).

Getting set up:

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(*) Certain optional plugin devices, carriers, or libraries are under the GPL.