Yet Another Robot Platform
AuthHMAC.h File Reference
#include <yarp/os/InputStream.h>
#include <yarp/os/OutputStream.h>
#include <hmac_sha2.h>
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class  yarp::os::impl::AuthHMAC
 3-way authentication via HMAC More...


namespace  yarp
 The main, catch-all namespace for YARP.
namespace  yarp::os
 An interface to the operating system, including Port based communication.
namespace  yarp::os::impl
 The components from which ports and connections are built.


#define HMAC_CONTEXT   hmac_sha256_ctx
#define HMAC_INIT   hmac_sha256_init
#define HMAC_REINIT   hmac_sha256_reinit
#define HMAC_UPDATE   hmac_sha256_update
#define HMAC_FINAL   hmac_sha256_final
#define NONCE_LEN   8

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Definition at line 15 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define HMAC_CONTEXT   hmac_sha256_ctx

Definition at line 16 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define HMAC_FINAL   hmac_sha256_final

Definition at line 20 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define HMAC_INIT   hmac_sha256_init

Definition at line 17 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define HMAC_REINIT   hmac_sha256_reinit

Definition at line 18 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define HMAC_UPDATE   hmac_sha256_update

Definition at line 19 of file AuthHMAC.h.


#define NONCE_LEN   8

Definition at line 21 of file AuthHMAC.h.