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yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Private (Robot *)
bool hasDevice (const std::string &name) const
DevicefindDevice (const std::string &name)
bool hasDeviceIncludingExternal (const std::string &name) const
yarp::dev::PolyDriverDescriptor findDeviceIncludingExternal (const std::string &name)
bool checkForNamingConflictsInExternalDevices (const yarp::dev::PolyDriverList &newExternalDevicesList)
bool openDevices ()
bool closeDevices ()
std::vector< unsigned int > getLevels (ActionPhase phase) const
std::vector< std::pair< Device, Action > > getActions (ActionPhase phase, unsigned int level) const
bool configure (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool calibrate (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool attach (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool abort (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool detach (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool park (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)
bool custom (const Device &device, const ParamList &params)

Public Attributes

std::string name
unsigned int build {0}
std::string portprefix
ParamList params
DeviceList devices
yarp::dev::PolyDriverList externalDevices
yarp::robotinterface::ActionPhase currentPhase {ActionPhaseUnknown}
unsigned int currentLevel {0}
bool dryrun {false}
bool reverseShutdownActionOrder {false}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file Robot.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Private()

yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::Private ( Robot )

Definition at line 44 of file Robot.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ abort()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::abort ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 408 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ attach()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::attach ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 314 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ calibrate()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::calibrate ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 291 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ checkForNamingConflictsInExternalDevices()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::checkForNamingConflictsInExternalDevices ( const yarp::dev::PolyDriverList newExternalDevicesList)

Definition at line 172 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ closeDevices()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::closeDevices ( )

Definition at line 216 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ configure()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::configure ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 285 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ custom()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::custom ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 452 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ detach()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::detach ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 415 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ findDevice()

yarp::robotinterface::Device * yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::findDevice ( const std::string &  name)

Definition at line 122 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ findDeviceIncludingExternal()

yarp::dev::PolyDriverDescriptor yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::findDeviceIncludingExternal ( const std::string &  name)

Definition at line 148 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ getActions()

std::vector< std::pair< yarp::robotinterface::Device, yarp::robotinterface::Action > > yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::getActions ( ActionPhase  phase,
unsigned int  level 
) const

Definition at line 267 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ getLevels()

std::vector< unsigned int > yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::getLevels ( ActionPhase  phase) const

Definition at line 244 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ hasDevice()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::hasDevice ( const std::string &  name) const

Definition at line 112 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ hasDeviceIncludingExternal()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::hasDeviceIncludingExternal ( const std::string &  name) const

Definition at line 132 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ openDevices()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::openDevices ( )

Definition at line 192 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ park()

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::park ( const Device device,
const ParamList params 

Definition at line 429 of file Robot.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ build

unsigned int yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::build {0}

Definition at line 101 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ currentLevel

unsigned int yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::currentLevel {0}

Definition at line 107 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ currentPhase

yarp::robotinterface::ActionPhase yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::currentPhase {ActionPhaseUnknown}

Definition at line 106 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ devices

DeviceList yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::devices

Definition at line 104 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ dryrun

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::dryrun {false}

Definition at line 108 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ externalDevices

yarp::dev::PolyDriverList yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::externalDevices

Definition at line 105 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ name

std::string yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::name

Definition at line 100 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ params

ParamList yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::params

Definition at line 103 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ portprefix

std::string yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::portprefix

Definition at line 102 of file Robot.cpp.

◆ reverseShutdownActionOrder

bool yarp::robotinterface::Robot::Private::reverseShutdownActionOrder {false}

Definition at line 109 of file Robot.cpp.

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