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yarp::os::Vocab32 Namespace Reference

Short readable codes. More...


NetInt32 encode (const std::string &str)
 Convert a string into a vocabulary identifier.
std::string decode (NetInt32 code)
 Convert a vocabulary identifier into a string.

Detailed Description

Short readable codes.

They are integers, for efficient switching, but have a readable (and writable) string representation. Codes are limited to 4 characters long (to fit in a standard network integer, NetInt32). This is a compromise to allow the creation of messages that can be parsed very efficiently by machine but nevertheless are human readable and writable.

switch(code) {
case createVocab('s','e','t'): // switch on "set"
case createVocab('s','t','o','p'): // switch on "stop"
A mini-server for performing network communication in the background.

Your program will be efficient, and the codes used if they traverse the network will be human readable/writable.

Function Documentation

◆ decode()

std::string yarp::os::Vocab32::decode ( NetInt32  code)

Convert a vocabulary identifier into a string.

codethe vocabulary identifier to convert
the string equivalent of the integer form of the identifier

Definition at line 33 of file Vocab.cpp.

◆ encode()

NetInt32 yarp::os::Vocab32::encode ( const std::string &  str)

Convert a string into a vocabulary identifier.

If the string is longer than four characters, only the first four characters are used.

strthe string to convert
the integer equivalent of the string form of the identifier

Definition at line 11 of file Vocab.cpp.