Yet Another Robot Platform
api.h File Reference
#include <yarp/conf/api.h>
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#define YARP_robottestingframework_API   YARP_IMPORT
#define YARP_robottestingframework_EXTERN   YARP_IMPORT_EXTERN
#define YARP_robottestingframework_DEPRECATED_API   YARP_DEPRECATED_IMPORT

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ YARP_robottestingframework_API

#define YARP_robottestingframework_API   YARP_IMPORT

Definition at line 17 of file api.h.

◆ YARP_robottestingframework_DEPRECATED_API

#define YARP_robottestingframework_DEPRECATED_API   YARP_DEPRECATED_IMPORT

Definition at line 19 of file api.h.

◆ YARP_robottestingframework_DEPRECATED_API_MSG

#define YARP_robottestingframework_DEPRECATED_API_MSG (   X)    YARP_DEPRECATED_MSG_IMPORT(X)

Definition at line 20 of file api.h.

◆ YARP_robottestingframework_EXTERN

#define YARP_robottestingframework_EXTERN   YARP_IMPORT_EXTERN

Definition at line 18 of file api.h.