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yarp::os::PortReaderBufferBase Class Reference

#include <yarp/os/PortReaderBufferBase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PortReaderBufferBase (unsigned int maxBuffer)
virtual ~PortReaderBufferBase ()
void setCreator (PortReaderBufferBaseCreator *creator)
void setReplier (yarp::os::PortReader &reader)
void setPrune (bool flag=true)
void setTargetPeriod (double period)
std::string getName () const
unsigned int getMaxBuffer ()
bool isClosed ()
void clear ()
virtual yarp::os::PortReadercreate ()
int check ()
bool read (yarp::os::ConnectionReader &connection) override
 Read this object from a network connection. More...
yarp::os::PortReaderreadBase (bool &missed, bool cleanup)
void interrupt ()
void attachBase (yarp::os::Port &port)
virtual bool acceptObjectBase (yarp::os::PortReader *obj, yarp::os::PortWriter *wrapper)
 Careful! merge with ::read – very similar code Until merge, don't change one without looking at other :-(. More...
virtual bool forgetObjectBase (yarp::os::PortReader *obj, yarp::os::PortWriter *wrapper)
virtual bool getEnvelope (PortReader &envelope)
void * acquire ()
void release (void *key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::PortReader
virtual ~PortReader ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual Type getReadType () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file PortReaderBufferBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PortReaderBufferBase()

PortReaderBufferBase::PortReaderBufferBase ( unsigned int  maxBuffer)

Definition at line 350 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ ~PortReaderBufferBase()

PortReaderBufferBase::~PortReaderBufferBase ( )

Definition at line 355 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acceptObjectBase()

bool PortReaderBufferBase::acceptObjectBase ( yarp::os::PortReader obj,
yarp::os::PortWriter wrapper 

Careful! merge with ::read – very similar code Until merge, don't change one without looking at other :-(.

Definition at line 554 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ acquire()

void * PortReaderBufferBase::acquire ( )

Definition at line 602 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ attachBase()

void PortReaderBufferBase::attachBase ( yarp::os::Port port)

Definition at line 543 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ check()

int PortReaderBufferBase::check ( )

Definition at line 368 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ clear()

void PortReaderBufferBase::clear ( )

Definition at line 620 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ create()

yarp::os::PortReader * PortReaderBufferBase::create ( )

Definition at line 360 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ forgetObjectBase()

bool PortReaderBufferBase::forgetObjectBase ( yarp::os::PortReader obj,
yarp::os::PortWriter wrapper 

Definition at line 592 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ getEnvelope()

bool PortReaderBufferBase::getEnvelope ( PortReader envelope)

Definition at line 615 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ getMaxBuffer()

unsigned int PortReaderBufferBase::getMaxBuffer ( )

Definition at line 533 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ getName()

std::string PortReaderBufferBase::getName ( ) const

Definition at line 528 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ interrupt()

void PortReaderBufferBase::interrupt ( )

Definition at line 377 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ isClosed()

bool PortReaderBufferBase::isClosed ( )

Definition at line 538 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ read()

bool PortReaderBufferBase::read ( yarp::os::ConnectionReader reader)

Read this object from a network connection.

Override this for your particular class.

readeran interface to the network connection for reading
true iff the object is successfully read

Implements yarp::os::PortReader.

Definition at line 441 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ readBase()

PortReader * PortReaderBufferBase::readBase ( bool &  missed,
bool  cleanup 

Definition at line 383 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ release()

void PortReaderBufferBase::release ( void *  key)

Definition at line 607 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ setCreator()

void PortReaderBufferBase::setCreator ( PortReaderBufferBaseCreator creator)

Definition at line 508 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ setPrune()

void PortReaderBufferBase::setPrune ( bool  flag = true)

Definition at line 518 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ setReplier()

void PortReaderBufferBase::setReplier ( yarp::os::PortReader reader)

Definition at line 513 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

◆ setTargetPeriod()

void PortReaderBufferBase::setTargetPeriod ( double  period)

Definition at line 523 of file PortReaderBufferBase.cpp.

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