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Navigation2D_nws_yarp Class Reference

#include <networkWrappers/navigation2D_nws_yarp/Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Navigation2D_nws_yarp:

Public Member Functions

 Navigation2D_nws_yarp ()
 Default module constructor.
virtual bool open (yarp::os::Searchable &prop) override
 Open the DeviceDriver.
virtual bool close () override
 Close the DeviceDriver.
virtual bool detach () override
 Detach the object (you must have first called attach).
virtual bool attach (yarp::dev::PolyDriver *drv) override
 Attach to another object.
virtual void run () override
 Loop function.
bool initialize_YARP (yarp::os::Searchable &config)
virtual bool read (yarp::os::ConnectionReader &connection) override
 Read this object from a network connection.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver
 DeviceDriver ()
 DeviceDriver (const DeviceDriver &other)=delete
 DeviceDriver (DeviceDriver &&other) noexcept=delete
DeviceDriveroperator= (const DeviceDriver &other)=delete
DeviceDriveroperator= (DeviceDriver &&other) noexcept=delete
virtual ~DeviceDriver ()
virtual std::string id () const
 Return the id assigned to the PolyDriver.
virtual void setId (const std::string &id)
 Set the id for this device.
template<class T >
bool view (T *&x)
 Get an interface to the device driver.
virtual DeviceDrivergetImplementation ()
 Some drivers are bureaucrats, pointing at others.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::PeriodicThread
 PeriodicThread (double period, ShouldUseSystemClock useSystemClock=ShouldUseSystemClock::No, PeriodicThreadClock clockAccuracy=PeriodicThreadClock::Relative)
 PeriodicThread (double period, PeriodicThreadClock clockAccuracy)
virtual ~PeriodicThread ()
bool start ()
 Call this to start the thread.
void step ()
 Call this to "step" the thread rather than starting it.
void stop ()
 Call this to stop the thread, this call blocks until the thread is terminated (and releaseThread() called).
void askToStop ()
 Stop the thread.
bool isRunning () const
 Returns true when the thread is started, false otherwise.
bool isSuspended () const
 Returns true when the thread is suspended, false otherwise.
bool setPeriod (double period)
 Set the (new) period of the thread.
double getPeriod () const
 Return the current period of the thread.
void suspend ()
 Suspend the thread, the thread keeps running by doLoop is never executed.
void resume ()
 Resume the thread if previously suspended.
void resetStat ()
 Reset thread statistics.
double getEstimatedPeriod () const
 Return estimated period since last reset.
void getEstimatedPeriod (double &av, double &std) const
 Return estimated period since last reset.
unsigned int getIterations () const
 Return the number of iterations performed since last reset.
double getEstimatedUsed () const
 Return the estimated duration of the run() function since last reset.
void getEstimatedUsed (double &av, double &std) const
 Return estimated duration of the run() function since last reset.
int setPriority (int priority, int policy=-1)
 Set the priority and scheduling policy of the thread, if the OS supports that.
int getPriority () const
 Query the current priority of the thread, if the OS supports that.
int getPolicy () const
 Query the current scheduling policy of the thread, if the OS supports that.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::WrapperSingle
 ~WrapperSingle () override
bool attachAll (const yarp::dev::PolyDriverList &drivers) final
 Attach to a list of objects.
bool detachAll () final
 Detach the object (you must have first called attach).
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IWrapper
virtual ~IWrapper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IMultipleWrapper
virtual ~IMultipleWrapper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::PortReader
virtual ~PortReader ()
virtual Type getReadType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Navigation2D_nws_yarp_ParamsParser
 Navigation2D_nws_yarp_ParamsParser ()
 ~Navigation2D_nws_yarp_ParamsParser () override=default
bool parseParams (const yarp::os::Searchable &config) override
 Parse the DeviceDriver parameters.
std::string getDeviceClassName () const override
 Get the name of the DeviceDriver class.
std::string getDeviceName () const override
 Get the name of the device (i.e.
std::string getDocumentationOfDeviceParams () const override
 Get the documentation of the DeviceDriver's parameters.
std::vector< std::string > getListOfParams () const override
 Return a list of all params used by the device.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IDeviceDriverParams
virtual ~IDeviceDriverParams ()

Protected Attributes

INavigation2DRPCd m_RPC
yarp::os::Port m_rpcPort
yarp::os::Port m_statusPort
std::string m_rpcPortName
std::string m_statusPortName
yarp::dev::Nav2D::NavigationStatusEnum m_navigation_status
std::string m_prev_navigation_status
yarp::dev::PolyDriver pNav
yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DControlActionsiNav_ctrl = nullptr
yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DTargetActionsiNav_target = nullptr
yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DVelocityActionsiNav_vel = nullptr
double m_stats_time_last

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Navigation2D_nws_yarp_ParamsParser
const std::string m_device_classname = {"Navigation2D_nws_yarp"}
const std::string m_device_name = {"navigation2D_nws_yarp"}
bool m_parser_is_strict = false
const parser_version_type m_parser_version = {}
const std::string m_GENERAL_period_defaultValue = {"0.01"}
const std::string m_GENERAL_name_defaultValue = {"/navigation2D_nws_yarp"}
double m_GENERAL_period = {0.01}
std::string m_GENERAL_name = {"/navigation2D_nws_yarp"}
- Protected Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::PeriodicThread
virtual bool threadInit ()
 Initialization method.
virtual void threadRelease ()
 Release method.
virtual void beforeStart ()
 Called just before a new thread starts.
virtual void afterStart (bool success)
 Called just after a new thread starts (or fails to start), this is executed by the same thread that calls start().

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Navigation2D_nws_yarp()

Navigation2D_nws_yarp::Navigation2D_nws_yarp ( )

Default module constructor.

Definition at line 27 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ attach()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::attach ( yarp::dev::PolyDriver driver)

Attach to another object.

driverthe polydriver that you want to attach to.
true/false on success failure.

Implements yarp::dev::IWrapper.

Definition at line 34 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ close()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::close ( )

Close the DeviceDriver.

true/false on success/failure.

Reimplemented from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver.

Definition at line 110 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ detach()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::detach ( )

Detach the object (you must have first called attach).

true/false on success failure.

Implements yarp::dev::IWrapper.

Definition at line 61 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ initialize_YARP()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::initialize_YARP ( yarp::os::Searchable config)

Definition at line 92 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ open()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::open ( yarp::os::Searchable config)

Open the DeviceDriver.

configis a list of parameters for the device. Which parameters are effective for your device can vary. See device invocation examples. If there is no example for your device, you can run the "yarpdev" program with the verbose flag set to probe what parameters the device is checking. If that fails too, you'll need to read the source code (please nag one of the yarp developers to add documentation for your device).
true/false upon success/failure

Reimplemented from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver.

Definition at line 74 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ read()

bool Navigation2D_nws_yarp::read ( yarp::os::ConnectionReader reader)

Read this object from a network connection.

Override this for your particular class.

readeran interface to the network connection for reading
true iff the object is successfully read

Implements yarp::os::PortReader.

Definition at line 122 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ run()

void Navigation2D_nws_yarp::run ( )

Loop function.

This is the thread itself. The thread calls the run() function every <period> ms. At the end of each run, the thread will sleep the amounth of time required, taking into account the time spent inside the loop function. Example: requested period is 10ms, the run() function take 3ms to be executed, the thread will sleep for 7ms.

Note: after each run is completed, the thread will call a yield() in order to facilitate other threads to run.

Implements yarp::os::PeriodicThread.

Definition at line 136 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iNav_ctrl

yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DControlActions* Navigation2D_nws_yarp::iNav_ctrl = nullptr

Definition at line 58 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ iNav_target

yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DTargetActions* Navigation2D_nws_yarp::iNav_target = nullptr

Definition at line 59 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ iNav_vel

yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DVelocityActions* Navigation2D_nws_yarp::iNav_vel = nullptr

Definition at line 60 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_navigation_status

yarp::dev::Nav2D::NavigationStatusEnum Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_navigation_status

Definition at line 53 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_prev_navigation_status

std::string Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_prev_navigation_status

Definition at line 54 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_RPC

INavigation2DRPCd Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_RPC

Definition at line 47 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_rpcPort

yarp::os::Port Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_rpcPort

Definition at line 49 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_rpcPortName

std::string Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_rpcPortName

Definition at line 51 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_stats_time_last

double Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_stats_time_last

Definition at line 62 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_statusPort

yarp::os::Port Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_statusPort

Definition at line 50 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_statusPortName

std::string Navigation2D_nws_yarp::m_statusPortName

Definition at line 52 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

◆ pNav

yarp::dev::PolyDriver Navigation2D_nws_yarp::pNav

Definition at line 57 of file Navigation2D_nws_yarp.h.

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