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yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394 Class Referenceabstract

#include <yarp/dev/IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394 ()
virtual unsigned int getVideoModeMaskDC1394 ()=0
virtual unsigned int getVideoModeDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setVideoModeDC1394 (int video_mode)=0
virtual unsigned int getFPSMaskDC1394 ()=0
virtual unsigned int getFPSDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setFPSDC1394 (int fps)=0
virtual unsigned int getISOSpeedDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setISOSpeedDC1394 (int speed)=0
virtual unsigned int getColorCodingMaskDC1394 (unsigned int video_mode)=0
virtual unsigned int getColorCodingDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setColorCodingDC1394 (int coding)=0
virtual bool getFormat7MaxWindowDC1394 (unsigned int &xdim, unsigned int &ydim, unsigned int &xstep, unsigned int &ystep, unsigned int &xoffstep, unsigned int &yoffstep)=0
virtual bool getFormat7WindowDC1394 (unsigned int &xdim, unsigned int &ydim, int &x0, int &y0)=0
virtual bool setFormat7WindowDC1394 (unsigned int xdim, unsigned int ydim, int x0, int y0)=0
virtual bool setOperationModeDC1394 (bool b1394b)=0
virtual bool getOperationModeDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setTransmissionDC1394 (bool bTxON)=0
virtual bool getTransmissionDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setBroadcastDC1394 (bool onoff)=0
virtual bool setDefaultsDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setResetDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setPowerDC1394 (bool onoff)=0
virtual bool setCaptureDC1394 (bool bON)=0
virtual unsigned int getBytesPerPacketDC1394 ()=0
virtual bool setBytesPerPacketDC1394 (unsigned int bpp)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394()

yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::~IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBytesPerPacketDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getBytesPerPacketDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getColorCodingDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getColorCodingDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getColorCodingMaskDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getColorCodingMaskDC1394 ( unsigned int  video_mode)
pure virtual

◆ getFormat7MaxWindowDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getFormat7MaxWindowDC1394 ( unsigned int &  xdim,
unsigned int &  ydim,
unsigned int &  xstep,
unsigned int &  ystep,
unsigned int &  xoffstep,
unsigned int &  yoffstep 
pure virtual

◆ getFormat7WindowDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getFormat7WindowDC1394 ( unsigned int &  xdim,
unsigned int &  ydim,
int &  x0,
int &  y0 
pure virtual

◆ getFPSDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getFPSDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getFPSMaskDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getFPSMaskDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getISOSpeedDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getISOSpeedDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getOperationModeDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getOperationModeDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getTransmissionDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getTransmissionDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getVideoModeDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getVideoModeDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ getVideoModeMaskDC1394()

virtual unsigned int yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::getVideoModeMaskDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ setBroadcastDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setBroadcastDC1394 ( bool  onoff)
pure virtual

◆ setBytesPerPacketDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setBytesPerPacketDC1394 ( unsigned int  bpp)
pure virtual

◆ setCaptureDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setCaptureDC1394 ( bool  bON)
pure virtual

◆ setColorCodingDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setColorCodingDC1394 ( int  coding)
pure virtual

◆ setDefaultsDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setDefaultsDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ setFormat7WindowDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setFormat7WindowDC1394 ( unsigned int  xdim,
unsigned int  ydim,
int  x0,
int  y0 
pure virtual

◆ setFPSDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setFPSDC1394 ( int  fps)
pure virtual

◆ setISOSpeedDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setISOSpeedDC1394 ( int  speed)
pure virtual

◆ setOperationModeDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setOperationModeDC1394 ( bool  b1394b)
pure virtual

◆ setPowerDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setPowerDC1394 ( bool  onoff)
pure virtual

◆ setResetDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setResetDC1394 ( )
pure virtual

◆ setTransmissionDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setTransmissionDC1394 ( bool  bTxON)
pure virtual

◆ setVideoModeDC1394()

virtual bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberControlsDC1394::setVideoModeDC1394 ( int  video_mode)
pure virtual

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