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yarp::manager Namespace Reference


struct  __GyPoint
struct  _LoadAvg
struct  _Process
 Class Computer. More...
class  Application
 Class Application. More...
class  ApplicationInterface
 Class ApplicationInterface. More...
class  AppLoader
 Abstract Class AppLoader. More...
class  AppSaver
struct  AppTemplate
 Abstract Class TempLoader. More...
class  Arbitrator
 Class port Arbitrator. More...
class  Argument
 Class Argument. More...
class  Author
class  BinaryExpParser
class  BinaryNode
class  Broker
 Class Broker. More...
class  BrokerEventSink
struct  Cluster
struct  ClusterNode
class  Computer
class  ConcurentRateWrapper
class  ConcurentWrapper
class  Connecting
 class Connecting More...
class  Connection
 Class Connection. More...
class  Dead
 class Dead More...
class  Dying
 class Dying More...
class  ErrorLogger
 Singleton class ErrorLogger. More...
class  EventFactory
class  ExecMachine
 Class ExecMachine. More...
class  Executable
 Class Executable. More...
class  GenericResource
class  GPU
class  Graph
 Class Graph. More...
class  GraphicModel
class  GraphIterator
 Class GraphIterator. More...
class  InputData
 Class InputData. More...
class  ITransition
 all transitions are used in state machine More...
class  KnowledgeBase
 Class KnowledgeBase. More...
class  Link
 Link holding all the links of a node. More...
class  LinkTrainer
class  LocalBroker
 Class LocalBroker. More...
class  Manager
 Class Manager. More...
class  Memory
 Class Memory. More...
class  MEvent
class  Module
 Class Module. More...
class  ModuleInterface
 Class ModuleInterface. More...
class  ModuleLoader
 Abstract Class ModuleLoader. More...
class  MultiResource
 Class MultiResource. More...
class  Network
class  Node
 a Node of a Graph More...
class  OutputData
class  Platform
class  Portmap
 Class Portmap. More...
class  Processor
class  Ready
 class Ready More...
class  ResourceLoader
 Abstract Class ResourceLoader. More...
class  ResYarpPort
class  Running
 class Running More...
class  ScriptLocalBroker
class  ScriptYarprunBroker
class  SingleAppLoader
 Class SingleAppLoader. More...
class  sortApplication
class  sortModules
class  sortResources
class  Storage
class  StrStream
class  Suspended
 class Suspended More...
class  TempLoader
class  TextParser
class  XmlAppLoader
 Class XmlAppLoader. More...
class  XmlAppSaver
 Class XmlAppSaver. More...
class  XmlClusterLoader
 Class XmlClusterLoader. More...
class  XmlModLoader
 Class XmlModLoader. More...
class  XmlResLoader
 Class XmlResLoader. More...
class  XmlTempLoader
 Class XmlTempLoader. More...
class  YarpBroker
 Class Broker. More...
class  YarpdevLocalBroker
class  YarpdevYarprunBroker


typedef std::vector< PortmapPortmapContainer
typedef std::vector< Portmap >::iterator PortmapIterator
typedef std::vector< ConnectionCnnContainer
typedef std::vector< Connection >::iterator CnnIterator
typedef std::vector< ResYarpPortResourceContainer
typedef std::vector< ResYarpPort >::iterator ResourceIterator
typedef std::vector< ModuleInterfaceIModuleContainer
typedef std::vector< ModuleInterface >::iterator IModuleIterator
typedef std::vector< ApplicationInterfaceIApplicationContainer
typedef std::vector< ApplicationInterface >::iterator IApplicationIterator
typedef std::vector< Application * > ApplicaitonPContainer
typedef std::vector< Application * >::iterator ApplicationPIterator
typedef std::vector< ArbitratorArbContainer
typedef std::vector< Arbitrator >::iterator ArbIterator
typedef enum yarp::manager::__BinNodeType BinNodeType
typedef BinaryNodeBinaryNodePtr
typedef enum yarp::manager::__RSTATE RSTATE
typedef std::vector< Executable * > ExecutablePContainer
typedef std::vector< Executable * >::iterator ExecutablePIterator
typedef void(Executable::* ExecutableFuncPtr) ()
typedef std::map< std::string, Node * > NodePContainer
typedef std::map< std::string, Node * >::iterator NodePIterator
typedef std::vector< Node * > NodePVector
typedef std::vector< Node * >::iterator NodePVIterator
typedef std::vector< InputDataInputContainer
typedef std::vector< OutputDataOutputContainer
typedef std::vector< InputData >::iterator InputIterator
typedef std::vector< OutputData >::iterator OutputIterator
typedef std::vector< AuthorAuthorContainer
typedef std::vector< Author >::iterator AuthorIterator
typedef std::vector< ArgumentArgumentContainer
typedef std::vector< Argument >::iterator ArgumentIterator
typedef std::vector< Module * > ModulePContainer
typedef std::vector< Module * >::iterator ModulePIterator
typedef std::vector< LinkLinkContainer
typedef std::vector< Link >::iterator LinkIterator
typedef size_t Capacity
typedef struct yarp::manager::_LoadAvg LoadAvg
typedef struct yarp::manager::_Process Process
 Class Computer.
typedef std::vector< ProcessProcessContainer
typedef std::vector< Process >::iterator ProcessIterator
typedef std::vector< ComputerComputerContainer
typedef std::vector< Computer >::iterator ComputerIterator
typedef std::vector< GenericResource * > ResourcePContainer
typedef std::vector< GenericResource * >::iterator ResourcePIterator
typedef std::stringstream OSTRINGSTREAM
typedef enum yarp::manager::__NodeType NodeType
typedef enum yarp::manager::__OS OS
typedef struct yarp::manager::__GyPoint GyPoint


enum  __BinNodeType {
enum  __RSTATE {
  DEAD ,
enum class  BrokerType {
  invalid ,
  local ,
enum  __NodeType {
enum  __OS {
  MAC ,


bool compareString (const char *szFirst, const char *szSecond)
void trimString (std::string &str)
OS strToOS (const char *szOS)
bool exportDotGraph (Graph &graph, const char *szFileName)


static int node_id = 0

Typedef Documentation

◆ ApplicaitonPContainer

Definition at line 405 of file application.h.

◆ ApplicationPIterator

typedef std::vector<Application*>::iterator yarp::manager::ApplicationPIterator

Definition at line 406 of file application.h.

◆ ArbContainer

Definition at line 90 of file arbitrator.h.

◆ ArbIterator

typedef std::vector<Arbitrator>::iterator yarp::manager::ArbIterator

Definition at line 91 of file arbitrator.h.

◆ ArgumentContainer

Definition at line 91 of file module.h.

◆ ArgumentIterator

typedef std::vector<Argument>::iterator yarp::manager::ArgumentIterator

Definition at line 92 of file module.h.

◆ AuthorContainer

typedef std::vector<Author> yarp::manager::AuthorContainer

Definition at line 89 of file module.h.

◆ AuthorIterator

typedef std::vector<Author>::iterator yarp::manager::AuthorIterator

Definition at line 90 of file module.h.

◆ BinaryNodePtr

Definition at line 91 of file binexparser.h.

◆ BinNodeType

◆ Capacity

Definition at line 18 of file primresource.h.

◆ CnnContainer

Definition at line 149 of file application.h.

◆ CnnIterator

typedef std::vector<Connection>::iterator yarp::manager::CnnIterator

Definition at line 150 of file application.h.

◆ ComputerContainer

Definition at line 222 of file primresource.h.

◆ ComputerIterator

typedef std::vector<Computer>::iterator yarp::manager::ComputerIterator

Definition at line 223 of file primresource.h.

◆ ExecutableFuncPtr

typedef void(Executable::* yarp::manager::ExecutableFuncPtr) ()

Definition at line 168 of file executable.h.

◆ ExecutablePContainer

Definition at line 166 of file executable.h.

◆ ExecutablePIterator

typedef std::vector<Executable*>::iterator yarp::manager::ExecutablePIterator

Definition at line 167 of file executable.h.

◆ GyPoint

◆ IApplicationContainer

Definition at line 282 of file application.h.

◆ IApplicationIterator

Definition at line 283 of file application.h.

◆ IModuleContainer

Definition at line 245 of file application.h.

◆ IModuleIterator

typedef std::vector<ModuleInterface>::iterator yarp::manager::IModuleIterator

Definition at line 246 of file application.h.

◆ InputContainer

Definition at line 85 of file module.h.

◆ InputIterator

typedef std::vector<InputData>::iterator yarp::manager::InputIterator

Definition at line 87 of file module.h.

◆ LinkContainer

typedef std::vector<Link> yarp::manager::LinkContainer

Definition at line 21 of file node.h.

◆ LinkIterator

typedef std::vector<Link>::iterator yarp::manager::LinkIterator

Definition at line 22 of file node.h.

◆ LoadAvg

◆ ModulePContainer

typedef std::vector<Module*> yarp::manager::ModulePContainer

Definition at line 230 of file module.h.

◆ ModulePIterator

typedef std::vector<Module*>::iterator yarp::manager::ModulePIterator

Definition at line 231 of file module.h.

◆ NodePContainer

typedef std::map<std::string, Node*> yarp::manager::NodePContainer

Definition at line 19 of file graph.h.

◆ NodePIterator

typedef std::map<std::string,Node*>::iterator yarp::manager::NodePIterator

Definition at line 20 of file graph.h.

◆ NodePVector

typedef std::vector< Node * > yarp::manager::NodePVector

Definition at line 25 of file kbase.h.

◆ NodePVIterator

typedef std::vector< Node * >::iterator yarp::manager::NodePVIterator

Definition at line 26 of file kbase.h.

◆ NodeType

◆ OS


typedef std::stringstream yarp::manager::OSTRINGSTREAM

Definition at line 48 of file utility.h.

◆ OutputContainer

Definition at line 86 of file module.h.

◆ OutputIterator

typedef std::vector<OutputData>::iterator yarp::manager::OutputIterator

Definition at line 88 of file module.h.

◆ PortmapContainer

Definition at line 47 of file application.h.

◆ PortmapIterator

typedef std::vector<Portmap>::iterator yarp::manager::PortmapIterator

Definition at line 48 of file application.h.

◆ Process

◆ ProcessContainer

Definition at line 168 of file primresource.h.

◆ ProcessIterator

typedef std::vector<Process>::iterator yarp::manager::ProcessIterator

Definition at line 169 of file primresource.h.

◆ ResourceContainer

Definition at line 152 of file application.h.

◆ ResourceIterator

typedef std::vector<ResYarpPort>::iterator yarp::manager::ResourceIterator

Definition at line 153 of file application.h.

◆ ResourcePContainer

Definition at line 58 of file resource.h.

◆ ResourcePIterator

typedef std::vector<GenericResource*>::iterator yarp::manager::ResourcePIterator

Definition at line 59 of file resource.h.


Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ __BinNodeType


Definition at line 20 of file binexparser.h.

◆ __NodeType


Definition at line 17 of file ymm-types.h.

◆ __OS


Definition at line 34 of file ymm-types.h.



Definition at line 29 of file executable.h.

◆ BrokerType

enum class yarp::manager::BrokerType

Definition at line 39 of file executable.h.

Function Documentation

◆ compareString()

bool yarp::manager::compareString ( const char *  szFirst,
const char *  szSecond 

Definition at line 310 of file utility.cpp.

◆ exportDotGraph()

bool yarp::manager::exportDotGraph ( Graph graph,
const char *  szFileName 

Definition at line 347 of file utility.cpp.

◆ strToOS()

OS yarp::manager::strToOS ( const char *  szOS)

Definition at line 292 of file utility.cpp.

◆ trimString()

void yarp::manager::trimString ( std::string &  str)

Definition at line 331 of file utility.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ node_id

int yarp::manager::node_id = 0

Definition at line 26 of file binexparser.h.