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yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberOf< ImageType > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include <yarp/dev/IFrameGrabberImage.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool getImage (ImageType &image)=0
 Get an image from the frame grabber. More...
virtual bool getImageCrop (cropType_id_t cropType, yarp::sig::VectorOf< std::pair< int, int > > vertices, ImageType &image)
 Get a crop of the image from the frame grabber. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberImageBase
virtual ~IFrameGrabberImageBase ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual int height () const =0
 Return the height of each frame. More...
virtual int width () const =0
 Return the width of each frame. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename ImageType>
class yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberOf< ImageType >

Definition at line 50 of file IFrameGrabberImage.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getImage()

◆ getImageCrop()

template<typename ImageType >
bool yarp::dev::IFrameGrabberOf< ImageType >::getImageCrop ( cropType_id_t  cropType,
yarp::sig::VectorOf< std::pair< int, int > >  vertices,
ImageType image 

Get a crop of the image from the frame grabber.

Note: this is not configuring the camera sensor to acquire a crop of the image, nor to generate a cropped version of the streaming. Instead, the full image is acquired and then a crop is created from it. If the hardware supports it, it is possible to override this method and request a hardware crop.

cropTypeenum specifying how the crop shall be generated
verticesthe input coordinate (u,v) required by the cropType
imagethe image to be filled
true/false upon success/failure

Reimplemented in yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< ImageType, IfVocab, ImgVocab >, yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< ImageType, VOCAB_FRAMEGRABBER_IMAGE, VOCAB_RGB_IMAGE >, FrameGrabberOf_ForwarderWithStream< ImageType, IfVocab, ImgVocab >, yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< yarp::sig::FlexImage, VOCAB_FRAMEGRABBER_IMAGE, VOCAB_RGB_IMAGE >, FrameGrabberOf_ForwarderWithStream< yarp::sig::FlexImage >, yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelFloat >, VOCAB_FRAMEGRABBER_IMAGE, VOCAB_RGB_IMAGE >, FrameGrabberOf_ForwarderWithStream< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelFloat > >, yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelMono >, IfVocab, VOCAB_RGB_IMAGE >, FrameGrabberOf_ForwarderWithStream< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelMono >, VOCAB_FRAMEGRABBER_IMAGERAW >, FakeFrameGrabber, yarp::proto::framegrabber::FrameGrabberOf_Forwarder< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelRgb >, VOCAB_FRAMEGRABBER_IMAGE, VOCAB_RGB_IMAGE >, FrameGrabberOf_ForwarderWithStream< yarp::sig::ImageOf< yarp::sig::PixelRgb > >, and RemoteFrameGrabber.

Definition at line 18 of file IFrameGrabberImage-inl.h.

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